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Get Ahead of Amazon SiteStripe Changes with Our Free Link Checker Plugin

Avoid the hassle of manually checking your Amazon affiliate links. Stay updated effortlessly!

Don't Let Amazon's Changes Slow You Down!

Amazon’s upcoming SiteStripe update could leave your site with broken links, costing you valuable affiliate income. Our plugin automatically identifies which of your posts need updating, saving you time and preserving your earnings.

Easy to Use, Hard to Live Without

Installation in a Snap: Just upload and activate. No complicated setup needed.

Real-Time Scanning: Instantly pinpoints posts with outdated Amazon affiliate links.

Comprehensive Reporting: Clearly shows image, text, and iframe links needing your attention.

How It Works

  • Scan: Our plugin combs through your posts, detecting all Amazon affiliate links.
  • Report: You’ll see a breakdown of which posts have potentially outdated links.
  • Update: You’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts, updating only what’s necessary.

Temporary Solution for Permanent Success

We recommend using our plugin as a temporary tool. Once your links are updated, simply uninstall it.


Absolutely, just a few clicks and it’s gone.

No, it’s designed for efficiency and speed.

Ready to Save Time and Keep Earning?

Questions? Contact us at alex@blogboostpro.com

How to Use the Amazon Link Checker Plugin

Download the Plugin:

Get your copy of the “Amazon Link Checker” plugin.

Install on WordPress:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Plugins’ section.
  3. Click on ‘Add New’ and upload the downloaded plugin file.
  4. Click ‘Install Now’, and then ‘Activate’.

Check Your Posts:

  1. Visit the ‘Posts’ section in your dashboard.
  2. You’ll see a new column titled ‘Amazon Links’.
  3. This column quickly shows if a post has Amazon text links, images, or iframes, along with the affiliate ID for each link.
  4. It’s a quick way to see which posts contain affiliate links that might be affected by the SiteStripe update.

Understand the Results:

No Amazon Links: Means the post doesn’t have any Amazon affiliate links.

Counts for Text Links, Images, and Iframes are shown where applicable.

The Affiliate ID is displayed if found in the links.

Affiliate ID Not Found: Appears when no ID is detected.

Affiliate ID Not Visualized: Shows up for short links where IDs are not directly visible.

Security and Best Practices:

The plugin adheres to security best practices.

No malicious code is included.

Feel free to scan the plugin at VirusTotal for added peace of mind.

Regular Updates:

Check back on this page for ongoing updates and improvements.

Remember to Uninstall:

If you no longer need the plugin or have finished updating your links, remember to uninstall it to keep your WordPress site clean.

Important Note:

The “Amazon Link Checker” plugin does not automatically fix issues caused by the Amazon SiteStripe changes. However, it provides a valuable overview of which posts contain text links, images, and iframes (Image+Text) – the very elements affected by the recent updates. Without this plugin, you might have to guess where your affiliate links are. With it, you can efficiently identify which posts have the types of links impacted by these changes.