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Hi, I'm Alexander Gonzalez

CEO and Founder of Blog Boost Pro & Somos Tingtal.

My digital odyssey began in late 2016, a pivotal moment when I lost my stable job. Although entrepreneurial aspirations had been brewing for three years, the path forward was unclear until that defining juncture.

Facing adversity with nothing but resilience, I ventured into the online world. My first step was a leap of faith – using the last of my credit card funds to purchase a domain and pay for hosting. This marked the inception of my professional journey, fueled by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and opportunity in the digital realm.

Professional Experience

In January 2017, I landed my first client, tasked with creating a bilingual website. Despite the language barrier, I embraced the challenge, overcoming it with dedication and the support of my client. This initial project paved the way for more, as word-of-mouth recommendations led to a steady stream of work. The saying 'practice makes perfect' rang true, and over the next seven years, I honed my skills in professional web design, technical support, and search engine optimization (SEO)

Skill Development and Specializations

Since 2017, I have been working for recipe bloggers, covering web design, technical support/webmaster services, and SEO consultancy. I enjoy designing websites in WordPress using Elementor Pro. Though I am not a developer, my understanding of WordPress is extensive, and I am always eager to learn more. Using tools like Chat GPT, I have carried out modifications and customizations in WordPress, and even designed a plugin, 'Sitestripe Link Checker - Amazon'. Additionally, I have experience in designing Chrome extensions and offer hosting reseller services, managing WHMCS and CPanel for each client.

Personal and Professional Balance

In 2018, my personal life took a joyful turn as I embarked on the journey of marriage. This pivotal event was further sweetened in 2023 with the birth of my first child. The past five months have been an exhilarating blend of happiness and learning, deeply enriching my family life. These experiences have not only brought joy but also a profound understanding of balance and priorities, which I seamlessly integrate into my professional endeavors.


In 2019, I joined the team at Yucalab as a webmaster and web designer, a role I am grateful to still hold. This is just a glimpse into my evolving skill set in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Project Portfolio

Below are some of the key projects that showcase my expertise and dedication in digital marketing. Each project reflects my commitment to delivering innovative solutions and driving success for my clients.